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SPTA 3inch/ 5inch/ 6inch Lambs Woollen Polishing Buffing Pad Polisher Pads For Car Polisher Detailing Waxing Polishing Buffer

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SPTA Lambs Woollen Polishing Buffing Pad

[Item]: Polishing Pad

[Brand]: SPTA

[Material]: Wool

[Widely Usage]: Can be used on car,boat,motor bike ,also can do polishing



[Pad Diameter]: 3 " (80mm)
[Back Velvet]: 2 " (50mm)
[Thickness]: 1" (25mm)
Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement, thanks!


[Pad Diameter]: 4 " (100mm)
[Back Velvet]: 3 " (80mm)
[Thickness]: 1" (25mm)
Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement, thanks!

[Pad Diameter]: 5 " (130mm)
[Back Velvet]: 4 " (100mm)
[Thickness]: 1" (25mm)
Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement, thanks!


[Pad Diameter]: 6 " (150mm)
[Back Velvet]: 5 " (130mm)
[Thickness]: 1" (25mm)
Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement, thanks!



[Pad Diameter]: 7 " (178mm)
[Back Velvet]: 6 " (150mm)
[Thickness]: 1" (25mm)
Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement, thanks!


Usage Notice


1. Wool products have hair loss phenomenon, pure imported wool disk will lose hair.
2. The wool disc has large cutting and high polishing efficiency, but it will also leave specific fine lines on the lacquer surface.
3. The wool disk can not be cleaned with a brush or strong cleaning agent, otherwise it will accelerate the loss of the wool disk.
4. The wool disc is a consumable item, and its structure determines that the loss is much higher than the sponge disc.
Time will become sparse.
First Time Using:  
Step 1: The new disc needs to be installed on the machine for 1 minute idling to remove excess floating hair, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles during construction.   Step 2:First touch the tossed surface by hand to ensure that there is no residual particulate matter, to avoid secondary scratches of particulate matter during construction, and to reduce the occurrence of glare.   Step 3 : Wet the wool pad with clean water and spray the wool pad with water mist 3-5 at an appropriate distance to avoid the wool pad being too dry in the first use, which may cause secondary damage to the paint.
After that, install the wool disk on the back plate of the machine to ensure that the wool disk is concentric with the machine.
Cleaning Method:

Step 1: Cooperate with the faucet, rinse outward from the position of the middle hole of the wool pad, and at the same time comb the fluff with the thumb and the water flow in the same direction. So rotate one round, soak the wool and comb it into a radial outward shape.


Step 2: Squeeze a circle of cleaning agent around the hole in the disc, and then use your thumb to push the cleaning agent out to spread the cleaning agent evenly on the surface of the disc.


Step 3: Use your fingers to comb the plush clockwise in one direction and rinse with the water in the same direction.


Step 4: Squeeze out most of the water with the palm of your hand, do not mess up the plush Step 5: Hang the disc on the polishing machine to spin and spin at high speed, and cooperate with the bucket to reduce the splash of water drops. After spinning, use your fingers to comb the plush clockwise.

Tips:When drying, GA is preferred, followed by DA, and RO is not recommended

Comb the plush in one direction, and finally straighten it clockwise, avoid rubbing in both directions repeatedly.

Product Features    
Material: Foamed Wool Pad use a new technology that combines the advantages of foam and wool in a single product. A patented nano-foam process encapsulates the base of the lambs wool fibers with microscopic polyfoam particles for good you can see. Advantage:This product uses high-quality back velvet, thickened back plate and sponge buffer layer.Play a role of buffering and heat dissipation during use Performance : Cuts like natural sheepskin but finishes like a foam pad. Aggresively removes P1500 grit scratches, leaving a lustrous finish with no hazing by reducing compounding swirls.
Usage & Effect        

Can be used for large area of pneumatic or electric polishing machine.

Used for automobile polishing and improves the gloss of the paint surface.
Used for all kinds of coat paint waxing, polishing and sealing glaze, improving lightness.

Can be used on rotary polisher,dual action polisher and air sander,high quality foam pads can polishing more than 20 cars .


The velcro on the back is tightly glued to the body of the polishing pad so that it will not be thrown out even if polished at high speed

Used for car / boat / floor polishing, different color polishing pads have different polishing effects.
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